What is SignalK

Posted on Jun 5, 2023

Signal K is a program that allows different marine devices, like chartplotters, sensors, and instruments, to communicate and share information with each other. It implements a common language that these devices can understand and use to exchange data.

Most modern boats have various gadgets on board, such as a GPS, depth sounder, wind speed sensor and a chartplotter. Each of these devices has its own way of storing and displaying information. Signal K provides a standardized way for these devices to talk to each other, regardless of their brand or type.

With Signal K, you can connect all these devices together using a common network. Once connected, they can start sharing data seamlessly. For example, the GPS can send its position information to the chartplotter, which then displays it on a map. The depth sounder can share the water depth readings, and the wind speed sensor can share wind speed and direction information. All this data can be displayed on any device connected to the network, making it easier for sailors to have a complete picture of what’s happening around their boat.

Signal K is especially useful if you have a mix of new and old devices onboard. It also allows you to expand your boat’s capabilities by adding new devices in the future. If you want to install a new sensor or instrument, you can simply connect it to the network by plugging it into the Raspberry PI, either via USB or a converter.

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